You need a date with yourself


Who hasn’t had a week when sleep eludes. You pry your eyes open when your pillow is beckoning to you to stay, but a diaper needs changing, or a dog needs walking, lunches need making, deadlines need keeping. Through the haze, you see no one did last night’s dishes and the laundry somehow didn’t clean itself. The kids have to get to school and you know the traffic is going to torture you and please, please, please, does that coffee come in an IV drip? And yes, it’s only Sunday.

Wouldn’t a week, OK a month, away be great? Rest, recharge and come back to your life all refreshed? Oh yes…yes it really would, but those weeks are few and often very far between. You know what? Sometimes an hour is all you need. One hour each week to have a date with yourself. Sixty minutes each week in which to give yourself what you give to everybody else, peace of mind.

Show yourself that you matter too. The key is doing something that lets you slow down, breathe, and take it easy. For some people it’s an active hike that calms and clears your mind. For others, it’s curling up on the sofa with a good book, with a nice cup of tea, or hot chocolate. Some women love a trip to the salon. Work in your garden if you have one. You’d be amazed how that one hour, as long as you spend it on yourself, will carry you through the rest of the week.

Find your oasis and visit it every week. The destination may change from week to week, but make sure you take the trip. Your soul will thank you.

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