About Us


Spa & Beauty

We understand the modern woman. What her desires are, what her dreams are, what bothers and worries her. Through beauty treatments in our luxurious salon, women can take the time they need to focus on themselves, recharge, and improve themselves in order to be the better person they want to be.

We created a space for women just like you who find it difficult to have “me time” which will recharge you and make you feel more beautiful so you can be a better person, wife, mother and colleague.




Bayla Zinger


Bayla has been a hair stylist for over 10 years. She has 5 diplomas from all over the world including London, Israel and Japan. Hair is her passion whether it’s a beautiful updo for a bride or a haircut for one of her many loyal clients, Bayla loves her work.


Elisheva-Renanah Grant


Elisheva is a Professional Stylist and a graduate of The Hair Academy a Paul Mitchell Partner School. Elisheva has perfromed in several competition and hair shows, ranging from everyday styles, wedding updos to avant garde.


Leora Hyman

Makeup artist

A makeup artist for almost 25 years, Leora had trained with and worked for the luxury houses of La Prairie, Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Christian Dior. Listening to the desires of the client is her strongest quality and works with her clients to create the look she is after.


Rachel Shoshan

Wedding Gown Designer

Rachel Shoshan designs & creates wedding dresses. She enjoys finding ways to meld together both tradtion and trends to create the perfect wedding dress for her clients. Rachel considers it an honor to take part in a brides very special day. Her vision is that true art, nature and design are made with high quality superior technique.